Skilled Nursing

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Skilled nursing is one-on-one medical care provided in your home, for individuals with more complex medical needs. These services allow individuals to remain in the comfort and convenience of their home.

The patient may receive multiple visits a day, or just a few each week, depending on how much care is needed. Avail provides hourly skilled nursing care throughout Washington, with our highly skilled, fully insured nursing staff of RNs and LPNs.

For every service we provide, we provide an Avail nurse to work closely with you, your family and medical providers to develop a personalized plan of treatment are designed to meet the patient's medical needs and preferences.

Always, we consider the wishes of your family. Working together with you, we take time to gather important information and create a personalized "Family Preferences" guide for your family. With detailed instructions about your family's wishes rules and day-to-day activities. This guide helps your staff understand your family's expectations, so that we may provide the best possible care when at your home. 

Skilled Nursing Service

Some of our skilled nursing services include:

There are so many agencies in Western Washington. The very fact that we have been with Avail for over 25 years speaks for itself. Avail has been caring, friendly and compassionate.


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